People refuse to flee Nicaraguan volcano

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People refuse to flee Nicaraguan volcano

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In Nicaragua, around 400 people living near the San Cristobal volcano have been ordered to leave their homes because of a series of small eruptions. In 1998 a whole village was buried, but residents in the area remain calm about the prospect of another major eruption.

Azucena Plazaola, a local resident, said: “For us in the community this is normal, we watch this all the time. We’ve come now to show it to this child, who is nervous about the ash.”

Roger Salmeron, another local resident, said: “I don’t think it’s a big problem, it intensifies, then it settles down again. Of course if there is another strong eruption, then we will need to escape and run.”

As volcanic ash settles on the landscape, the authorities have also issued an amber alert covering 5 sq km around the volcano, and warned aircraft not to fly through the area.