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An Italian priest has been urged to resign after posting comments claiming women provoke violence against themselves.

Father Piero Corsi has sparked a wave of protests after sticking this flyer on the door of his San Terenzo church in the northern region of Liguria.

The lengthy text accuses women of ratcheting tensions in family life and inciting sexual attacks.

“The fact is that women are increasingly the cause.. and end up exacerbating tensions by leaving children to themselves, keep dirty houses, put cold dishes on the table, buy fast food and provide filthy clothes,” it reads.

The bulletin also examines sexual violence against women, noting that women and girls often “go around dressed provocatively”.

Explaining his controversial comments Corsi apologised saying: All that’s happened has far exceeded my expectations and certainly my intentions. I need now to take a period of rest to take again my path in a serene way.”

But in a later interview he appeared to backtrack on his mea culpa, accusing the journalist of being gay for refusing to talk about pictures of naked women.

Several women’s rights groups have reacted angrily and called for both the Pope and prime minister to speak out.

Father Corsi says he has no plans to quit but will take some time off work for a period of what he calls rest and reflection.

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