Gun buyback brought forward in LA

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Gun buyback brought forward in LA

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The police department in Los Angeles has held its annual gun buyback early this year, bringing the date forward in response to the massacre at the Sandy Hook elementary school on the East Coast.

People queued up to trade in their weapons, no questions asked, in return for gift cards to be used at retailers.

The City’s Mayor says its time to act, not talk.

“I hope we are reaching a tipping point to move beyond a national conversation to a national day of action, to a time when we can say “look, we can pass resonsible gun laws in this country without violating the Second Amendment.” Antonio Vilaraigosa told journalists who had gathered to watch.

Newtown will be forever marked by tragedy. 20 children and six adults were killed when teenage gunman Adam Lanza went on his remorseless rampage, before turning the gun on himself.

Questions about gun control versus constitutional rights to bear arms have grown louder as a result.
The US gun lobby is a powerful one, though, worth a steady 3.4 billion dollars a year to the economy.