Egypt: Opposition fury after constitution result

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Egypt: Opposition fury after constitution result

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There was anger in Tahrir Square, the focus of the movement to oust Hosni Mubarak nearly two years ago, and now still the unofficial seat of opposition to those in power in Egypt.

It might be a different administration today, but the message rings a bell.

“The results are fake,” said anti-government protester Saiid Shaaban. “President Mursi is a fake, the whole constitution is a fake. We were not waiting for the result because the whole regime is a fake. Down with the Muslim Brotherhood regime.”

The EU’s head of foreign policy Catherine Ashton echoed the calls for dialogue, urging everyone, but particularly the president to intensify efforts to restore the trust and confidence of all Egyptians.

“The results showed that a majority said ‘yes’,” said another man, watching the announcement on TV in a Cairo cafe. “Whether or not they were rigged, we have to accept them. But the regime must achieve the stability they promised us.”