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Newtown: Christmas in the wake of tragedy

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Newtown: Christmas in the wake of tragedy


A church service has been held in Newtown, Connecticut, following the mass shooting on December 14 that left a total of 28 people dead.

Adam Lanza went on the rampage at a local primary school. Twenty young children, aged 6-7, were among his victims.

Makeshift memorials of flowers and teddy bears have sprung up all over the town.

One local said, “Because it was Christmas and as a parent I just couldn’t move on celebrating unless we came and respected these kids and adults. It touched everybody’s hearts. I came in this morning, early you know, and just said a prayer.”

One man visiting from Boston said, “We just wanted to come down and show support for the families, obviously that will never be the same again and whose holidays will never be.”

The tragedy has sparked vigorous debate about gun control in the US. Among Lanza’s arsenal was a military-style assault rifle.

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