Diplomacy in Damascus but the killing goes on

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Diplomacy in Damascus but the killing goes on

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Diplomatic efforts to find a solution to the civil war in Syria have been continuing in the capital Damascus as there is little sign of a let up in the bloodshed.

The international peace envoy Lakhdar Brahimi met the man the rebels want to overthrow, President Assad.

The mediator said they had exchanged views and discussed possible ways forward. But there were no details.

The opposition are furious about the lack of progress, and what they called the “silence” over the continued killing of civilians.

The opposition also claim Assad’s forces resorted to using chemical weapons in the city of Homs. Video images were posted on the internet but can not be independently verified. Activists claim seven people died and 12 more are critically ill.

In Aleppo, Free Syrian Army fighters claim to be keeping up the pressure on government troops despite the damage inflicted by air force bombardment.

Kuwait is to host an international conference next month on Syria’s humanitarian crisis. The ruling Emir said: “The Syrian wound is still bleeding, and the killing machine still continues.”