Syria: Christians rustle up some Christmas cheer

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Syria: Christians rustle up some Christmas cheer

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In Syria, the country’s two million Christians have been trying to summon up some Christmas cheer, but it is no easy task in the midst of the civil war there.

The UN believes the conflict has claimed 44-thousand lives, and has forced around two million people to flee the violence.

Some of them were at the service at the Zatioun church in Damascus.

Event organiser Merna Karwashan said: “We are giving to the families that have fled their homes because of the injustice and terrorism that we have been subjected to, and we’re also trying to spread joy in these difficult times that Syria is passing through. God willing we will be able to put a smile on a child’s face, and that is enough for us.”

The Christian community accounts for 10 per cent of Syria’s population and has found itself on both sides of the conflict. Some have supported the Assad regime, fearing for their future should Islamists take over.