Monti's Manifesto

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Monti's Manifesto

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Italy’s outgoing Prime Minister Mario Monti has published his reform agenda online. It comes a day after the former European Commissioner said he remained open to seeking a second term as Italian premier.

The online manifesto is essentially a continuation of the policies Monti began when his government was appointed just over a year ago to save Italy from financial crisis.

But Monti is not allying himself to any one party and is calling on reform-minded centrists to unite behind his agenda.

He has already gained high profile support from Pier Ferdinando Casini, leader of the Christian Democrat Party and Luca di Montezemolo, President of Ferrari.

With Italy set to go to the polls in two months, there is respect for Monti’s latest move among the public as well.

One Italian voter said, “I’m of course satisfied in a sense that as a person Monti doesn’t bow to the parties but has a programme, which I think needs to be carried out. I completely agree with his choice”.

Polls show the centre-left Democratic Party is the election favourite, but is likely to need to form a coalition to govern. So Monti, and his new movement, are powerful players in the mix.