Egypt's main opposition demands an inquiry

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Egypt's main opposition demands an inquiry

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Egypt’s main opposition party is demanding an inquiry into the referendum on the draft constitution.

The National Salvation Front claims the second round of the vote at the weekend was marred by “fraud and violence”, including polling stations opening late and attempts to influence voters.

The NSF want the claims investigated before the results are announced.

‘‘We are committed to continuing our collective peaceful struggle in order to bring down this constitution through legitimate means as soon as possible, because it’s a constitution that is not worthy of Egyptians.’‘ said Hamdeen Sabahi from the National Salvation Front.

Initial unofficial results indicate a “yes” vote for the draft constitution, which President Mohammed Morsi says will “safeguard democracy.”

But opponents say the planned legislation fails to protect the freedoms and human rights that were the main driving force behind the 2011 uprising that ended the rule of Hosni Mubarak.