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  • Austrian authorities say nine people suspected of intending to join Islamic militants in Syria have been detained
  • Emergency services in Gaza say an Israeli rocket strike has killed two Palestinian children (AFP)
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Gun shops across America have reported a surge in sales following the Connecticut school massacre.
Even for the semi-automatic type used by the killer.

Dealers put it down to customer fears for their own safety, or concerns that the tragedy will spur restrictions on gun ownership.

Either way they warn don’t blame the gun for the deaths.

Andy Raymond, gun shop owner said:
“It doesn’t matter how many people die. If I go out there and I’m killed, I’m gunned down, don’t go after the gun. It’s the dude’s fault, it’s not the gun’s fault.”

The industry is worth around three billion euros. Together with a constitutional right to bear arms any attempt at gun control will be fiercely resisted.
But when a ban on semi-automatic weapons ended in 2004 many others were dismayed.

“There used to be a ban on these assault weapons, we would like to see that ban put back in place. We also believe the ammunition for those kinds of guns should be constrained, because there are so many of them out there already,” said Mayor of Garrett Park in Maryland.

With hand guns fast becoming a weapon of choice, the anti gun lobby also wants tougher background checks on owners.

Our correspondent in the US, Stefan Grobe said:

“As America buries its fallen angels, the country remains deeply divided over stricter gun control. One half believes only more guns can provide security. For the other half, these are very troubling prospects.”

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