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  • Russian Foreign Ministry demanded clarification from Ukraine after Kiev said it would impose restrictions on entry into the country by Russian men (Reuters)
  • U.S. Defense Secretary: United States has approved additional non-lethal support to Ukraine, including medical supplies and shelters (Reuters)
  • Ukraine invited the International Criminal Court to open an investigation into any serious international crimes that may have been committed on its territory in late 2013 and early 2014 (Reuters)
  • Russia’s Lavrov announces deal to “de-escalate tensions” in Ukraine (AFP)

Close to 200 people have now died from a bitter cold snap across Russia and eastern Europe.

In Ukraine, more than 80 lives were claimed and more than 500 people hospitalised after temperatures dropped and stayed at minus 17 celsius.

Record snowfalls have trapped hundreds of vehicles, and the capital Kiev has experienced its worst snow since records began in 1881.

Forecasters expect another three days of similar weather.

Russian medical sources say 56 people have died there in the last week alone. Temperatures as low as minus 47 degrees were recorded in Siberia.

Poland has also seen close to 50 deaths, where officials say most victims were homeless people, who had died of exposure.

To encourage drivers to leave cars at home, authorities in Latvia’s capital Riga are offering free public transport until the worst of the snow clears.

A state of emergency has been declared in 12 Bulgarian municipalities due to heavy snowfall.

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