Fourth day of funerals for Sandy Hook shooting victims

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Fourth day of funerals for Sandy Hook shooting victims

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The grieving continues for 26 people shot dead at a American primary school last Friday.

A fourth day of funerals has been held in and around Newtown Connecticut, as attention turns to other factors that may have caused gunman Adam Lanza to go on the rampage at Sandy Hook Elementary.

A US senator has demanded a study be carried out on the impact of violent video games. Hollywood has cancelled several movies and TV shows, now deemed inappropriate.

At a vigil on Wednesday evening at West Connecticut State University, Newtown representative Pat Llodra said the community had become closer following the tragedy.

“We know that we’re going to need you as our partners and our friends as we move forward. We truly believe that about 9:45 on December 14, 20 new angels burst through the gates of heaven,” she said.

Attorney-General Eric Holder – the most senior law enforcement official – headed to Newtown on Thursday after a White House meeting about ways to curtail gun violence.