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  • At least 10 people killed in car bomb attack on Somali restaurant, death toll expected to rise (police via Reuters)
  • One Ukrainian serviceman killed, one wounded in past 24 hours in east of Ukraine, according to Ukrainian military spokesman (Reuters)
  • ‘Bookkeeper of Auschwitz’ asks for ‘forgiveness’ in German court (AFP)
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It’s been a smooth drive on the French highways from Toulouse to Limoux where I had lunch. The toll was quite expensive, 5 euros for about 50 kilometres. The town, about 30 kilometres from Bugarach, is sleepy; loudspeakers are put all around the centre, blasting Christmas music, in hope of waking it.

Everybody I spoke to seems to know about the doomsday hooha, but they haven’t yet seen an influx of apocalypse-savvy visitors.

I’d better get to the village before it gets dark. Stay tuned, subscribe to my tweets for all the updates.

To good French food!

Ali May

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