Moscow nuclear bunker becomes 'end of the world' party venue

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Moscow nuclear bunker becomes 'end of the world' party venue

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A Soviet-era nuclear bunker in Moscow is being turned from a museum into a VIP ‘end of the world’ party venue.

A maximum of 300 people can fit into the structure, 56 meters below ground.

The bunker has been decked out with club lights and a bar.

Other ‘end of the world’ activity from around the globe can be monitored on huge TV screens.

Tickets for the party and eight floors of concrete protection are selling for around 750 euros.

Senior bunker guide Alexei Pavlovsky said: “Initially this bunker was built to withstand a 20-kiloton nuclear bomb like the one in Hiroshima. But today a megaton nuclear bomb can be blown up approximately 700 meters away from us without doing much damage to the bunker.”

The party starts on Thursday night until….well who really knows?

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