Calls for US gun control grow as Newtown buries its dead

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Calls for US gun control grow as Newtown buries its dead

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There are signs in the United States that gun sales have gone up since the Sandy Hook school massacre last week.

With increasing calls for tighter controls on firearms, and even the powerful National Rifle Association offering ‘meaningful contributions’ to prevent such massacres, some gun-shop owners report a rush to beat any ban.

Bernadette Marie from North American Firearms on the outskirts of Chicago said: “A lot of folks realized that, and started to come in very heavily looking for these weapons, because they were afraid they won’t be able to buy them anymore. I have people that have paid ahead of time for them. They (the guns) are not here yet, but they paid ahead of time to make sure they can get these guns before the State of Illinois, or the United States in general just bans them altogether.”

President Obama is supporting moves to reinstate a ban on assault weapons.
A White House spokesman said other elements of tightened gun legislation could look at controls on ammunition too.

The gunman at Sandy Hook was carrying a lot of ammunition. Some of those killed had been shot over and over. One victim was hit 11 times.

While the politicians and lobbyists debate what to do about gun ownership, Newtown in Connecticut set about burying its dead.