Flying Zero-G

If you fly any plane in the right way at the right speed, you can go weightless, at least for a few seconds. By effectively throwing the aircraft


Al Qaeda's rise in Syria

It has become a challenge to define who are the fighting forces in Syria. Syrian Armed Forces personnel who deserted, along with volunteers, call


Upgrade good news for Greece

Greece’s borrowing costs have fallen after Standard & Poor’s lifted its assessment of the country’s credit rating. That means the credit agency’s


Solid growth seen in Asia

The World Bank has upped its forecasts for next year for China and the developing countries of East Asia – Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia and

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Indian rape protest

Lawmakers, rights groups and citizens across India expressed outrage on Wednesday over the gang rape of a woman on a bus in New Delhi and are urging


DSK play opens in Paris

The Daunou Theatre in Paris is staging a play called Suite 2806, inspired by former IMF chief Dominque Strauss Kahn and his calamitous encounter with


Tarantino unchains Django

Quentin Tarantino’s latest film Django Unchained is a Western-style tale of revenge starring Jamie Foxx as a slave-turned-bounty hunter, Oscar winner