New school prepared for surviving Sandy Hook kids

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New school prepared for surviving Sandy Hook kids

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Residents of Fairfield, Connecticut have held a candlelight vigil for the 20 schoolchildren and six adults gunned down at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

The site of the massacre is in a Newtown, Connecticut, but one of the first funerals to take place happened in Fairfield earlier in the day for the youngest victim – six year old Noah Pozner, whose twin sister Arielle escaped unhurt.

Parents continue to be on high alert after nearby
schools were placed on lockdown due to reports of an armed man acting suspiciously.

Kids from Sandy Hook will now go to a school 13 kilometres away from Newtown in the hope of restoring some normality.

Contractors and people living in the town of Monroe have volunteered as preparations are being made to Chalk Hill School, which has been empty since June 2011.