Two adult survivors 'key witnesses' to Connecticut school shootings

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Two adult survivors 'key witnesses' to Connecticut school shootings

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Following Friday’s mass shooting in Connecticut, police are questioning two adults who were wounded but survived the massacre.

Several young children who were rescued will also be interviewed at a later date in the presence of psychologists.

Investigators say they are key witnesses who could help retrace the steps of gunman Adam Lanza who shot dead 27 people and then killed himself.

After murdering his mother at home, the 20-year-old drove her car and shot his way into the school he had attended as a child.

He had a rifle, two handguns and hundreds of bullets.

Lt Paul Vance from Connecticut State Police said their investigation would be thorough:

“When i talked about the weaponry, and the historical analysis of all the weaponry involved, the same thing holds true with the suspect (Adam Lanza)we will go back to the day of birth. We will continue on through. We want to answer every single question determining any kind of medical condition, any kind of issue whatsoever he may have been involved in.”

But as police spoke, schools in a town 30 kilometres away from Newtown were placed in lockdown after an armed man was reported to be acting suspiciously.