Afghanistan landmine explosion kills 10 girls

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Afghanistan landmine explosion kills 10 girls

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Ten girls were killed and two seriously wounded in a landmine explosion in eastern Afghanistan.

The girls were out collecting firewood when one accidentally struck an unexploded mine with an axe, according to Chapahar district governor Mohammad Seddiq Dawlatzai.

Chapahar district in Afghanistan’s eastern Nangarhar province, near the border with Pakistan.

Seddiq said the landmine is thought to have been left over from the Afghan-Soviet War in the 1980s.

The dead girls are all believed to be aged between nine and 13.

One person has died after a car bomb exploded in Kabul inside a compound where a US military contractor is located.

Fifteen others have been injured in the blast after a suicide bomber drove the car packed with explosives to the compound’s exterior wall before blowing the vehicle up.

Some of the wounded, including Americans, South Africans and Afghans, are employees of the military contractor and one is said to be seriously injured.