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Shinzo Abe has led his Liberal Democratic Party to a landslide victory in the Japanese election.

The conservative leader must hit the ground running as the country faces an economic downturn and strained ties with China.

The governing Democratic Party suffered major losses at the ballot box with leader Yoshihiko Noda stepping down.

Abe is under pressure to deliver a feel good factor as Japan goes through its fourth recession since 2000.

Economic policy deadlock has hampered attempts to improve the country’s outlook.

Markets reacted well to the election result with stocks continuing to rise.

Abe, along with coalition partners the New Komeito Party will have a two-thirds majority in the 480- seat chamber.

In the Chinese capital Beijing a shift to right in Japan has raised concerns that the territorial dispute over the uninhabited isles in the East China Sea will escalate:

“Of course it is not good if the Japanese government hardens its policy against China. This will not only create a threat to China, but for the entire Asian region, and therefore the world. We don’t want that,” said one Beijing resident.

After years of Chinese ascendancy and North Korean provocation Japan’s desire to stand up for Japanese sovereignty is once again burning bright.

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