Police reveal more details about Sandy Hook killings

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Police reveal more details about Sandy Hook killings

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Police investigating the Sandy Hook elementary school shootings in America, in which 27 people died, now say they have “some very good evidence” to explain the tragedy that has shocked the nation.

Police now say Adam Lanza, 20, a former pupil at the school, forced his way into the building early on Friday and killed six adult women and 20 children, 12 girls and eight boys aged around six or seven. All were shot between three and 11 times. He is also suspected of killing his mother at home before going to the school.

Newtown was once in the running as the best place to live in America, listed as the nation’s fifth-safest city.

“Our investigators at the crime scene, the school, and secondarily, at the secondary crime scene that we discussed where the female was located deceased, did produce some very good evidence in this investigation that our investigators will be able to use in hopefully painting the complete picture as to how and more importantly why this occurred,” said Connecticut State trooper Lt. Paul Vance.

A refrigerated trailer was needed to take all the bodies to the morgue, and a small crowd watched as it drove away.

Around the school floral tributes are piling up. Nearly everyone in this community of 27,000 is being affected, directly or indirectly, and there are already fears the town’s children will be scarred by the events.