Egyptians vote on divisive new constitution

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Egyptians vote on divisive new constitution

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Egyptians are voting on a new constitution that’s been billed by the ruling party as a solution to the country’s political crisis.

Violent protests erupted last month after President Mohamed Mursi issued a decree expanding his powers. He then fast-tracked the Islamist leaning draft through an assembly dominated by his Muslim Brotherhood.

Critics claim a yes vote will deepen divisions but supporters of the measure say it is needed if progress is to be made towards democracy.

“This is much better than the old one, and if we find anything in the future, in the near future that is not suitable for the country, we can change it. It’s not about keep talking, but we need to work,” said one voter.

The liberal, secular and Christian opposition says the constitution is too Islamist and tramples on minority rights.

Official results will not be announced until after a second round of voting next Saturday because there are not enough judges willing to monitor all polling stations after some in the judiciary said they would boycott the vote.

Partial results and unofficial tallies before then will likely point to an overall trend.