What the world searched for most in 2012

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What the world searched for most in 2012

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From Whitney Houston to Gangnam Style, from Hurricane Sandy to the London Olympics, search engine Google has published its list of the most sought-after terms of the year.

There were around one trillion searches worldwide, according to Google.

The top search term worldwide was Whitney Houston, who died in February, followed by South Korean singer/songwriter, PSY. His song “Gangnam Style” with its catchy dance moves landed him in No.1 spot in many countries. Hurricane Sandy was in third place.

Especially in the US, people also focused on this year’ s presidential elections, the film “The Hunger Games”, basketball player Jeremi Lin and the Olympics 2012.

The gadget that most internet users where searching for was Apple’s iPad3 followed by the Samsung Galaxy S3 and iPad Mini. People showed serious interest in topics regarding open internet and especially proposals from organisations like SOPA and ACTA.

Probably the only topic missing from Google’s lists is pornography. The reason for that lies in the fact that the company’s search engine makes it quite difficult for users to find.

Next year however, Google will present its X-rated search, which promises to provide a more complete picture of what people really want to look for on the web.