Russia accused of role in former KGB agent's death.

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Russia accused of role in former KGB agent's death.

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A lawyer has told a preliminary inquest in London that the Russian government is likely to have been involved in the murder of former KGB spy Alexander Litvinenko in 2006.

The court also heard that the victim had been working for Britain’s secret service MI6 as well as the Spanish at the the time. It was a lawyer for his widow Marina who revealed details of the spy’s employment leading up to his death.

He died of poisoning after someone slipped a highly radioactive substance, Polonium-210, into his tea at a London hotel.

British prosecutors say there is enough evidence to charge two former KGB agents with Litvinenko’s killing but Moscow has resisted calls to extradite them.

The mystery and accusations surrounding the incident have strained relations between Moscow and London in recent years.

A full inquest into the death is due to open on the first of May next year.