Countrywide protests at Spanish education cuts

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Countrywide protests at Spanish education cuts

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Protests against cuts in education spending have taken place in 30 cities across Spain.

Thousands marched through the capital Madrid ending up in front of the Ministry of Education.

Parents and teachers say the cuts are having a negaive effect on children. The government says the measures are needed to restore the country’s finances in the midst of a deep crisis.

“If we continue like this we are going to end up causing so much pressure that, in my opinion, it will explode at some point so that the government will not have a choice other than to take back all of this, everything they are doing”, said student Beatriz Vigalondo.

“They are trying to impose a model that pertains to a determined ideology”, said history teacher Rafael Sanchez. “With the crisis and the cuts everything is game, they think that by keeping an authoritarian style that existed in the old days, they can achieve a better education.”

In Barcelona the protests were not just about the cuts, but also a new proposed law removing the status of regional languages like Catalan as core subjects.