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  • Bomb explodes in Egyptian capital Cairo, one police officer killed – state media
  • Captain of capsized South Korean ferry arested – Yonhap News Agency
  • Obama signed the law is aimed at blocking entry into U.S. of Iranian diplomat suspected of involvement in 1979 Tehran hostage-taking (Reuters)

While intelligence sources claim Scud missiles have for the first time been used against Syrian rebels, Human Rights Watch is alarmed at the use of incendiary bombs being dropped on populated areas.

Both mark an escalation in President Bashar al-Assad’s struggle to retain power.

Meanwhile at the “Friends of Syria” conference in Morocco, Qatar has urged Assad to accept that rebels seeking his overthrow would eventually defeat him.

Qatari Prime Minister Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani told the conference:

“We are now talking about a voluntary exit. I hope that he (Syrian President Bashar al-Assad) has the courage to leave. Is there a safe haven? I believe there is still a chance, but a small one, to have a safe haven for Bashar.”

The meeting ended with Western and Arab nations sympathetic to Syria’s nearly 20-month uprising giving full political recognition to the opposition, reflecting a hardening consensus against the Assad regime.

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