Libya: Jalil is questioned over Younes killing

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Libya: Jalil is questioned over Younes killing

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Libyan military prosecutors have accused the former interim leader Mustafa Abdel Jalil of abusing his power. The charge is in connection with the killing of a top field commander during last year’s conflict.

Colonel Abdel Fattah Younes was Muammar Gaddafi’s interior minister before he defected and joined the rebellion. He was killed by gunmen in July 2011.

Mystery has surrounded his death which happened when he was called back from the front line. It was Jalil who explained how he had died at the time.

Younes was welcomed by some into the rebellion and spurned by others. At one point he vied with others for command of the anti-Gaddafi forces.

Disputes and power struggles between factions highlighted the ideological splits within the rebel movement that still endure today.