Ukrainian MPs prepare to approve PM

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Ukrainian MPs prepare to approve PM

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Ukrainian MPs are counting down to their first parliamentary session since the general election at the end of October.

The Party of Regions though is still jockeying for support to get its choice of prime minister approved.

President Viktor Yanukovich nominated the outgoing premier Mykola Azarov for another term, but even though his party came first in the election, it did not win an outright majority – so observers say there might be a vote of approval on Wednesday, on the other hand they might not be ready.

Political analyst Serhiy Taran told euronews: “Mr Azarov is the President’s ideal candidate for several reasons. He has never had and cannot have, any political ambitions. So he would never try to start his own political projects and would never become a competitor for Mr Yanukovich. Secondly, he is far from any groups jostling for influence within the Party of Regions.”

Several groups have already voiced their opposition to a new term for Azarov but the ruling party is working hard to get their man approved.

Volodymyr Oliynyk from the Party of Regions said: “We plan to act fast to form the main parliamentary structures on Wednesday, we can’t take long to choose the Speaker. Then we can consider the prime minister. I imagine the whole government will be in place by the end of the week.”

Our correspondent in Kiev, Evgeniya Rudenko reports: “Azarov could be re-appointed on Wednesday, but significant changes in the government are expected, and talks about some ministerial appointments are still underway.”