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The 9th edition of the conference LeWeb in the French capital Paris. It is one of the major events in the Web industry, bringing together around 3.500 professionals, investors, bloggers and fans of the Internet.

The years subject is “The Internet of things”. Many objects of our everyday life are connected to the Internet. The physical and virtual worlds are merging.

Jean Ferre is from Microsoft, France:

“ I think there has been a explosion of objects that contain a chip and an operating system where we can find applications. These days we have 10 power 28 bytes produced in 2011, it does not equal the number of stars in the universe, but it is a lot of intelligence for use on tablets, PCs, phones, TVs and then more dedicated objects. Such as glasses, rings, watches.”

Muse is an astonishing device. It is a headband developed by Toronto based company InteraXon. It is a portable EEG machine. It detects the users neural activity in real time while in a relaxed or concentrated state.

Muse uses algorithms to identify subtle changes in the brain.

The headband connected via bluetooth to a computer can read the emotional state of the user.

Ariel Garten is CEO at Interaxon:
“The best use of the technology right now is to help you to understand yourself, to be able to improve your brain fitness, to be able to do things like meditating more effectively, to be able to concentrate more effectively at work.”

The device can be used to play games. Ping pong of the future will involve no bats, just head movements and facial recognition.

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