Max Clifford arrested in sex abuse inquiry

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Max Clifford arrested in sex abuse inquiry

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Max Clifford, Britain’s highest-profile celebrity publicist, has been arrested for alleged sex crimes.

The 69-year-old has made a career helping some of Britain’s most famous people defend and shape their reputations.

Clifford is best known for selling “kiss-and-tell” stories about the rich and famous but he says he earned even more money keeping celebrity secrets out of the papers.

He was later released on bail.

The PR guru told reporters that he was interviewed in connection with two alleged sex abuse offences in 1977, which he strenously denies.

Clifford is the fifth person arrested since police launched an extensive inquiry into sex crime allegations against the late Jimmy Savile.

Detectives say the cigar chomping former DJ was one of the UK’s most prolific child sex offenders.

Others interviewed by police are glam-rock singer, Gary Glitter and comedian Freddie Star.