Lyon lights up for its annual show

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Lyon lights up for its annual show

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Lyon’s very own extravaganza has come to town. Every year, the famous “Fete des Lumieres” – or “Festival of Lights” – draws a crowd and this time is certainly no exception.

A multitude of visitors is expected to pour in to enjoy the festivities.

And they’re in for a treat, as well as a surprise. Because there aren’t many events you’ll visit where you can expect a workout. The lights are all human-powered.

Like most years, the focal points are the Basilica of Fourvière which is spectacularly illuminated, and the Place des Terreaux, which hosts a feast for the eyes in the form of a light show.

At heart, the Festival of Lights is a uniquely Lyonnaise tradition. In homage to the Virgin Mary, each house places candles along the windows to bathe the streets in light on December 8th every year.

With other activities based on light, it’s also developed into a modern form of expression and one that the Lyonnaise are very proud to call their own.

What started as a religious procession in March has become a huge light-festival lasting 4 days. Lyon celebrates itself as a city of lights and becomes a tourist attraction overnight: three million visitors are expected.