Interactive map of the London Blitz

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Interactive map of the London Blitz

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A brand new interactive map has been published showing where every single bomb dropped on London by the German Luftwaffe landed in the Blitz of World War II.

The project, called Bomb Sight, is available online and as a mobile application. It includes detailed information measuring the scale of the London Blitz, the aerial attack on the British capital, which lasted between September 7, 1940 and May 21, 1941.

During that period, London was attacked 71 times. More than one million houses were destroyed or damaged, and more than 40,000 civilians were killed.

The map is a result of a year-long project and uses a red bomb symbol to illustrate where each bomb fell. The maps used by the project come from a bomb census that until now had only been available to view at the National Archives.

Users can zoom into certain streets and allies and find out the type of bomb that was dropped at the point.