Egypt crisis: Muslim Brotherhood offices ransacked

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Egypt crisis: Muslim Brotherhood offices ransacked

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Hundreds of opposition activists – last night – attacked the Cairo headquarters of Egypt’s largest Islamic party, the Muslim Brotherhood.

The renewed violence came hours after a speech by President Mohamed Mursi, calling for dialogue with opposition groups. Mursi is a leader of the Brotherhood.

Dozens of people were injured in fierce clashes with riot police outside the building. Security forces used tear gas to disperse the attackers.

At one point, the headquarters were set on fire before several people broke into and ransacked the offices.

euronews was one of only two camera crews to see the damage from inside the building.

Our correspondent saw how cabinets had been raided, tables and chairs overturned and meeting rooms wrecked.

At least three other offices belonging to the Brotherhood have been attacked in recent days.

Our correspondent Mohammed Shaikhibrahim told us that: “Mursi’s speech did not succeed in calming the anger of many opposition supporters, who overturned the building, causing severe damage. They even reached where I’m standing now, inside the office of the Brotherhood’s supreme leader.”