Berlusconi's party promise not to push Italy into crisis

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Berlusconi's party promise not to push Italy into crisis

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Silvio Berlusconi’s centre-right People of Freedom party has pledged not to trigger a disorderly crisis as Italy prepares for a possible early election next year.

It follows the PDL’s withdrawal of their support from Prime Minister Mario Monti’s government.

The party’s secretary Angelino Alfaro also announced that Berlusconi will stand for re-election: “As founder of first Forza Italia and then this party, there’s no need for primaries. That would be usless” he said.

There has been a mixed response to news of Berlusconi’s but most Italian dailies agree the days of Mario Monti’s government are numbered.

An opinion shared it seems among some people in Rome.

Businessman, Vittorio Rubelli said: “We have already taken 30 points on the spread. I just can’t understand what he (Berlusconi) is doing. I hope he gets three votes and goes home.”

“We’re worse off than ever, worse off than ever. I have to support my son who is unemployed and I should be collecting my pension at some point but we still do not know when,” said Antonella Silvani.

All eyes will now fall on the presidential palace, the Quirinale, with Giorgio Napolitano set to hold talks again with party leaders in the hope of prevent a damaging political crisis.