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The Internet of Things: hanging out at LeWeb2012, part II


The Internet of Things: hanging out at LeWeb2012, part II

Day two of LeWeb2012 brought a good mix of people to the Google+ Hangouts: a fighter jet pilot, a kiteboarder, a long-distance runner and a leader in the field of crowd-funding. Each brought something different to the table (or the Hangout) and Marie Jamet questioned them on what their unique something was.

Brian Shul ( is a former US Air Force pilot who survived a crash in Vietnam to become the pilot of the fastest jet in the world, the SR-71 Blackbird. He is now an author, photographer and world wide speaker. He uses his incredible experience to give dynamic inspirational (and not motivational!) speeches. In this hangout, find out how he survived his ordeals and can be an inspiration for other people.

Bill Tai is a venture capitalist who has invested in dozens of companies. He is also a sponsored kiteboarder. Susi Mai is also a professional kiteboarder. Together they created Mai Tai (, a gathering that brings together entrepreneurs, innovators and athletes, especially in kiteboarding. They tell how sports, passion, friendship and internet technology can meet.

Scott Dunlap is the managing director of new a company he just founded a few weeks ago: Tenth Dimension Design Labs. He is an ultra distance trail runner (which means he runs races of a hundred miles!) and passionate about internet of things can help gather body data. In this video, he explains, among other things, how he tries to track down the forensic point each runner reaches at some point in a race.

Danae Ringelmann is the founder of the crowdfunding plateform Indiegogo. Launched just a few months before the economic crisis hit the world, Indiegogo allows anyone to raise fund from the people directly, without any middleman. In this hangout, Danae explains how Indiegogo works on meritocracy and avoid funding terrorists.

- Marie Jamet

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