Philippines struggles in wake of Typhoon Bopha

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Philippines struggles in wake of Typhoon Bopha

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At least 500 people are now reported killed in Typhoon Bopha, the most violent to hit the Philippines this year.

The typhoon rammed into Mindanao island over a 700-kilometre-long front, triggering deadly mudslides with its torrential rains and 210 kilometre-per-hour winds.

“What else can I think about? What happened to my husband? I hope to see him alive, but if not I just want to see him again,” sais one survivor.

Around 400 people are also reported missing, and some 200,000 people have been made homeless On Mindanao’s east coast three cities remain cut off from the outside world after bridges and roads were swept away.

Most of the dead are reportedly dirt-poor migrant workers, many of whom worked in the numerous tiny goldmines that lie scattered in the hills and mountains. The government has called for international aid to help cope with the disaster, and has sent naval units to the area with enough emergency provisions for 150,000 people.