Berlusconi hints strongly at comeback

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Berlusconi hints strongly at comeback

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After months of teasing the press and public alike with the possibility of making a political comeback, former Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi has made his strongest hint yet that he is ready to lead the right again in next year’s election.

He said in a communique he would not let Italy spiral down into disaster and that he has received an ‘avalanche’ of demands that he run.

Public reaction was mixed. “I think a large slice of the electorate is still on his side,” said one man in Rome.

“Oh God, I hope not. I just think the worst of Berlusconi. I am from the left so obviously I can’t stand him. I think he ruined us, he spread a culture that just didn’t work. I was a teacher, and now I’m a pensioner. I think he corrupted the nation,” was one woman’s frank opinion.

But the fighting talk from the 76-year-old, still embroiled in a sex scandal trial, appears to have left many cold, with press and public seemingly lukewarm at the news.