Serbian NATO envoy 'commits suicide' in Brussels

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Serbian NATO envoy 'commits suicide' in Brussels

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Serbia is investigating the sudden death of its ambassador to NATO who apparently committed suicide.

Branislav Milinkovic, who was 52, jumped from a multi-storey car park at Brussels airport. It happened during a conference of NATO foreign ministers but officials have not connected the meeting with his death.

Serbia’s foreign ministry says it has no clues as to the reason behind for his death.

The country is not a member of NATO, whose officials say they are shocked.

“We are deeply saddened at this loss. The ambassador was deeply respected here and very well liked. He did a very professional job,” said NATO’s Deputy Assistant Secretary General for Political Affairs, James Appathurai. “The Secretary General was very, very sad to hear this. So, there are really no good words to say things like this but certainly he will be missed here on a personal basis and on a professional basis as well.”

The spokesman added that NATO had no personnel involved with the ambassador’s death.

A Serbian tabloid has reported that Milinkovic was with the country’s assistant foreign minister for security policy, Zoran Vujic, when he jumped from a height of around 10 metres.

The Brussels prosecutor’s office has said it is sure the death was suicide and it will not be investigating further.