Jazz pianist Dave Brubeck dies

The jazz pianist and composer Dave Brubeck has died. He was 91 years-old. Brubeck, whose recordings included ‘Take Five’, played with the likes of


Germany moves to ban neo-Nazis

Germany appears to have moved a step closer to banning its far-right neo-Nazi party. Despite a protest from the group’s supporters, interior


More austerity for Ireland

The Irish government says it is on the road to recovery, but still hit the country’s long-suffering people with a new 3.5 billion euro dose of


EADS ownership overhauled

EADS has reshuffled its shareholdings in the biggest shake-up of control since it was founded over a decade ago. The total of direct state


Europeans' Christmas budgets

Lower purchasing power this Christmas in Europe is putting a strain on many people’s gift budgets, but in France spending levels are around the same


More cuts at Citigroup

Citigroup, the third largest US bank, has said it is going to eliminate 11,000 jobs worldwide; that is about four percent of its total staff. The


Generation... why?

What is “Generation Y” exactly? And how is it different from other generations? What are their peculiarities, and what do they expect from older


Tesco likely to quit USA

Under pressure from its shareholders, Britain’s Tesco is reviewing its presence in the United States. The world’s third largest retailer will