Crew missing after cargo ship sinks in Black Sea

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Crew missing after cargo ship sinks in Black Sea

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One cargo ship has sunk and a second is in trouble amid a storm in the Black Sea. Several of the sunken ship’s mostly Ukrainian crew are missing and two are known to have died.

The Vogo Balt 199, which was carrying coal, got intro trouble to the north of the Bosphorus Strait early on Tuesday morning and sent a distress signal. All contact was then lost.

A helicopter and rescue boats have been looking for the 12 crew members: 11 Ukrainians and a Russian.

Some have been rescued but one was found dead; another died on his way to hospital.

The second cargo ship with 14 members on board experienced mechanical failure and is listing badly.

The Bosphorus Strait, which is often closed in winter, is the only maritime outlet for cargo from Black Sea countries.