Bomb hits Golden Dawn HQ close to Athens

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Bomb hits Golden Dawn HQ close to Athens

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A bomb has exploded at the offices of a far-right political party in the Greek capital Athens.

No one was injured in the blast at the local headquarters of Golden Dawn, but the explosion caused considerable damage to the building.

Golden Dawn, riding high on a wave of public fury at austerity, corrupt politicians and illegal immigration is now the third biggest party in the cash-strapped nation.

Golden Dawn MP Ilias Kassidiaris said: “After the media war started against our party, we are now dealing with an explosion. Our answer is Golden Dawn will continue, no matter what the other parties do. We will not stop, even if they take up arms against us.”

The blast came as PASOK leader Evangelos Venizelos called on parliament to outlaw the party.

He said “We have in parliament an unconstitutional, Nazi-style, junta-friendly, provocative party.”

Since winning seven percent of the vote in the June election support for Golden Dawn has doubled as PASOK’s popularity plummets.

The Greek constitution currently forbids the banning of a democratically elected party.