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Much to discuss at Franco-Italian summit in Lyon


Much to discuss at Franco-Italian summit in Lyon

The leaders of France and Italy are meeting in the French city of Lyon for the latest Franco-Italian summit.

President François Hollande and Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti meet at a time when the European agenda is dominated by the eurozone crisis.

Unemployment in France is currently at a 14-year high and the Italian economy is under pressure as the financial crisis continues to wreak havoc.

Chill winds blew through Lyon acting as a metaphor for the current problems facing two leaders.

Security is tight as protesters gather to voice their opposition to a proposed high-speed rail-link, which will halve travel time between Lyon and Turin to two hours.

Our correspondent in Lyon, Fabien Farge, said: “François Hollande and Mario Monti meet in the capital of the Gauls to discuss several issues including the controversial high-speed rail link between Lyon and Turin, defence policy and the economic crisis. You can see an exclusive interview
with both leaders on euronews this evening at 20.00 Central European Time.”