Pena Nieto gets noisy inauguration

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Pena Nieto gets noisy inauguration

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Protesters managed to make their feelings heard at the inauguration of Mexico’s new President Enrique Pena Nieto.

They got into Congress to heckle during the swearing-in of the 46 year-old lawyer, and were outside in greater, even noisier numbers.

Pena Nieto returns Mexico’s PRI party to power after 12 years in the wilderness, but people have not forgotten the party’s reputation for corruption, croynyism, and vote-rigging acquired during its 71 years of unbroken power from 1929.

Yet the outgoing PAN party did little better, and its six-year war on the drug lords has cost 60,000 lives, bringing violence onto the streets.

Pena Nieto says reducing the violence is his priority, and returning Mexico to a rapid growth path. He has already passed a Labour law reform and now wants to strengthen the tax base and allow more private investment in underperforming national industries.

Protesters see him as an establishment figure who will do nothing to reverse wage stagnation or create more jobs, which would reduce the attraction of organised crime.