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Rare climate change protest amid doubts of Doha deal


Rare climate change protest amid doubts of Doha deal

Environmental campaigners got special permission to hold a rally through the Qatari capital on Saturday morning, where the UN climate change conference is underway.

More than 190 countries are meeting in Doha until December 7.

Many participants are sceptical that there’ll be any firm commitment to new binding emissions targets even though the Kyoto Protocol expires at the end of this year.

The US and China are being blamed for a lack of action. Washington failed to ratify Kyoto after signing the original treaty.

A new global deal on emissions is meant to be agreed by 2015.

But national self interest – especially among the world’s biggest polluters – is likely to win out.

Russia, Japan and Canada are pulling out, calling for China and India to commit to binding targets.


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