UK press inquiry report due to be published

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UK press inquiry report due to be published

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The results of a far-reaching inquiry into the standards, practices and ethics of the British press will be published today.

Lord Justice Leveson’s investigation has already exposed embarrasing links between Britain’s Prime Minister and the Murdoch media empire but David Cameron has maintained his defence.

Other politicians and police are also set to be heavily criticised over their connections with some papers.

The report is widely expected to call for statutory regulation of newspapers after hearing evidence from scores of high-profile figures who’ve campaigned for a clampdown.

But newspaper chiefs say that would mean an end to Britain’s free press.

Chris Blackhurst, Editor of The Independent said:
“One of the things we hold dear in our society is a free press. It’s something that we fought for for years, it’s something that right now people all over the world in their own countries fighting for their press to be free. The idea of the State having any control or influence over the press is totally abhorrent.”

But industry self-regulation has been exposed as being virtually non-existent, a matter which has also divided the government with the prime minister at odds with his deputy, Nick Clegg, the Liberal Democrats leader.