Party atmosphere as Palestinians wait

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Party atmosphere as Palestinians wait

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It is a party atmosphere in the squares and on the streets of Ramallah on the West Bank expectant of the outcome of the vote in the UN General Assembly.

Support is total in the Palestinian Authority region, what the political fall out may be in the aftermath of the vote is not even being considered.

What is on show is a belief in their enduring right to sovereign statehood.

“This is a humanitarian affair that all the countries must support, because we have been oppressed and we should break this oppression,” said one resident.

Evident too is a unity of purpose. In Gaza where earlier this month the conflict had raged against Israel an unprecedented number of Fatah and Hamas supporters showed their backing for the diplomatic campaign.

“We welcome this step, we are with every achievement that can be added to the achievements of the Palestinian people and it’s just national cause,” said official spokesman, Fawzi Barhoum.

Palestinian media outlets prepared to report the events from the United Nations. A television and radio campaign has been boosting public support for the move to gain UN recognition while one radio station in Hebron was airing advertisements promoting the bid.

Now it is a matter of waiting for the announcement which one Gaza resident said should be recorded in history.