Egyptian President set to address the nation

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Egyptian President set to address the nation

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In Egypt a final draft of a new constitution was completed early on Thursday and politicians will now vote on it.

Cairo and the country will later hear from President Mohamed Mursi with a call for unity in a bid to defuse the crisis. It was prompted by his decision to grant himself what are seen to be sweeping powers.

“We refuse Mursi’s existence as a president because we did not approve of him from the beginning. But the Egyptian people have a problem with their emotions towards religion, and this is what pressured us before and made people neglect us here in Tahrir. This time, people have understood who the Brotherhood are as well as the politics they use; so I think this mistake will not be repeated again,” said one protester

Two people have been killed and hundreds others injured in the week-long protests. It is reported the new constitution will have to be approved in a popular referendum.

The Islamists have won all elections since Hosni Mubarak was toppled but analysts believe it will be a gamble to get enough voters to win this referendum.