Hungary MP sparks protests over calls for "Jewish list"

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Hungary MP sparks protests over calls for "Jewish list"

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A far-right Hungarian MP has sparked protests after calling for Jews to be registered as threats to national security.

Hundreds of people rallied in response outside parliament in Budapest to condemn Jobbik party lawmaker Marton Gyongyosi who criticised Hungary’s foreign ministry over what he called its support for Israel.

The MP has now sought to clarify his comments saying he was questioning the loyalty of people with dual nationalities.

“What I said could be misunderstood and I’m sorry because my statement wasn’t against our Jewish compatriots. It was unequivocally targeted at dual Hungarian-Israeli citizens and the potential national security risks,” he told a news conference.

Gyongyosi has rejected calls to resign. Jewish groups say they will press for a change in parliamentary rules to allow sanctions against MPs who make similar statements.