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Egyptian civil society mobilises in Tahrir Square


Egyptian civil society mobilises in Tahrir Square

A broad cross-section of civil society is mobilising in Egypt in protest at the recent constitutional reform.
Ordinary people have been joined by famous faces from the worlds of arts and culture.
They are calling for the president to withdraw the declaration making all his decisions immune from legal challenge for six months.
“We respect the president, says actor Majed al-Masri, “and we respect his party, but the Constitution must be generally accepted, it cannot just be applied by one person or one party.”
“The president has no right to make this decision on his own,” says actor Ahmed Seyam, “especially once he has been elected. This kind of decision should be made by those who started the revolution in the first place, and that is certainly not the president and his group.”
There is growing talk of a social divide. The actor’s group says Mursi’s declaration is “disappointing” and claim it heralds “an unprecedented period of dictatorial rule.”
Mohammed Shaikhibrahim, our correspondent at the scene says; “The protesters tents in Tahrir Square represent various social classes and political forces in Egypt, all of them asking President Mursi not to adopt the same policy style as Mubarak”.


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