Egypt: opponents dig in despite Mursi compromise

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Egypt: opponents dig in despite Mursi compromise

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Protesters in Cairo appear determined to press on with demands that Egypt’s president gives up the near-absolute powers he decreed himself, despite signs of a compromise.

Mohamed Mursi caused outrage last week when he announced there could be no legal challenge to any of his decisions until a new parliament is elected.

With his opponents digging-in in Tahrir Square, Mursi announced a compromise proposal limiting the type of decisions that can’t be challenged.

One protester there said: “Mursi is looking for a way to calm the people down but he doesn’t know the revolution and its power are in the Square. And it will not leave until all goals are achieved.”

Another said: “This decree will plunge Egypt into civil war. It was not carefully studied and did not consider the opinions of the country’s powers.”

The compromise was proposed by senior judges of the Supreme Judicial Council. It would mean only presidential decisions on ‘sovereign matters’ would be immune from court challenge.

One person has died and hundreds have been injured in violence since the decree was announced.